Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Hit Man David Foster Friends Live In Jakarta

An honor for Indonesia especially Jakarta, The Hitman legend and international musicians, David Foster, will hold a concert "HIT MAN DAVID Foster & FRIENDS".

is Diamond Entertainment as a promoter who managed to bring David Foster along with other famous artist colleagues namely Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera, Charice Pempengco, Ruben Studdard, and the Canadian Tenors concert in 2010 termegahnya.

This concert will be held at the Ballroom of The Ritz Carlton - Pacific Place on October 27, 2010 at 19:00.

As we all know that David Foster has achieved great success when in 2009 capable of presenting a concert "Hit Man: David Foster and Friends" featuring Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Katherine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Brian McKnight, Kenny G, Peter Cetera, Charice and much more. The concert is finally documented in the form of CDs and VCDs have been sold worldwide, including Indonesia.

not be denied again, everything gets a touch of David Foster turned into works of gold and even Platinum. Songwriter and producer has won 15 Grammy Awards. "We are proud, Diamond Entertainment, ready to present" HIT MAN: DAVID Foster & FRIENDS "as the grandest concert and that will be awaited by the people of Indonesia in 2010", said Marcel Permadhi, Project Director of Diamond Entertainment.

Marcel add is not easy to bring a legendary international music to Indonesia, therefore we are very pleased to invite David Foster for the first time in Indonesia and presents concerts that have been successfully menguncang the United States because it is so brilliantly presenting music with other musicians. Even to this concert will be a discussion among fellow musicians as music concerts of all time. Included in the eyes of Indonesian musicians.

Concert "David Foster & Friends" Hitman "has begun to sell tickets starts at USD. Bronze class 1,000,000, Rp, 3,000,000 class Silver, USD. Gold and USD 5,000,000 class. 7,500,000 Platinum class. Tickets totaling 3000 will be ready for sale at the ticket box names such as Mother Dibyo, Rajakarcis.com, Duta Suara, Aquarius, Etcetera, and much more.

"Our mission at each concert, held Diamond Entertainment is able to deliver a brilliant or spectacular entertainment. When viewed from the history of Diamond Entertainment, we've brought Ben 10 is very popular among children, and DJ Armin Van Buuren for young people. So for the concert "David Foster & Friends" Hitman "Diamonds will prepare the stage of the magnificent and the best sound system ever," added Marcel.

One appeal of the concert that took place today is the presence of a talented young artist Charice Pempengco. Charice who discovered his talent by David Foster has managed to amaze with his voice that can reach the notes of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. So no wonder when Oprah invited Charice in the studio for interviews and also sang Celine Dion's song, The Power of Love. Charice even been a guest star in the film series Glee.

In concert "David Foster & Friends" Hitman ", Charice will bring song and arrangement mainstay David Foster, The Power of Love, I Will Love You and I have nothing. "Artists are bloody asia, we believe will make this concert will be more colorful," said Marcel. Charice

addition, there are familiar names such as Natalie Cole's famous with the song Unforgettable, Ruben Studard, winner of American Idol, Canadian Tenors, a group mix of classic and contemporary pop music made by the famous David Foster, and Peter Cetera very closely with the song You're the inspiration Hard to say I'm sorry, "glory of love, and many other songs. In the eyes of David Foster, Peter Cetera is one of the great soloists and a fortune for David to be collaborating with Peter Cetera that he was very admired long ago.

"With a big name David Foster made a series of musical performances with world musicians and a legendary song, we are optimistic concert" David Foster & Friends "Hitman" will always be remembered by the people of Indonesia and became the most luxurious concert in 2010 ", said Marcel closing press release. \u0026lt;/ span>

credits: kabarindo.com


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